Another 3am-so-the-pics-are-crappy-but-omg-freaky-fusion-details post!!!

Clawvenus is probably my least favorite even though I still love her. Her skintone is an awkward green/brown so its sort of …baby poop colored :P But her makeup is very elaborate andher hair is cool though the cut is too weird. :P Its like a ponytail for bands and one on each side of her head all seperated by “shaved”/flocked areas and then hair in the back half of her head. Its like…when you are 15 and trying to be “punk” and you let your friend cut your hair all “tank girl-ish” and it goes wrong….

Her shoes are basic but nice, she has pink vines with buckles wrapped at the ankles. Her dress is patterned in leopard spots and fade into venus flytrap plant pattern and she has a multi-hued “fur” vest that’s pretty cute! The huge gold belt and earrings that are staples to Clawdeen are also included. I just wish for once they’d stop dressing Clawdeen in any of her incarnations like an 80’s prostitute. All the other girls have cute matching outfits. Clawdeen looks like Mr. T and Rainbow Brite had a baby and it was into to beastiality when it grew up so it gave them Clawdeen as a grandchild. STAHHHP already. 

Anyway…sorry. Back on topic.. I plan to do something with Clawvenus’ hair.. I dont know what can be done…maybe a wig? I dont know. But something because I like her makeup. :)

Also, you can see a comparison in skin tone between her and Clawdeen :)


Have I mentioned how much I love Clawvenus? and I need a recharge chamber really really I do…..


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No Neighthan, but I did find these gals. Going back tomorrow after I get paid for Lagoonafire and ClawVenus

My mind right now.


Power of beauty


Freaky fusion spotted at a Virginia kmart no Neighthan or Cleolei though




groteleur10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sugar

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Jessica - The Best.

Cr: JTsteplove.



Jessica - The Best.

Cr: LeeSoonKyu Bar and JTsteplove.



Jessica - The Best.

Cr: JTsteplove.


absolutely amazing

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